2011 duramax def problems

Additionally, problems were identified with DEF freezing in cold weather. The predominant reoccurring problem was failures of the NOx sensor, most often. Remove your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve and cooler. Eliminate the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). With a DPF Delete capable tuner this can all be. The first step in resetting the DEF light on Duramax is to check the DEF fluid level in the tank. Make sure the engine is off and remove the DEF tank cap. Duramax Def Problemsexterior change is the addition of a DEF tank (Diesel exhaust fluid) found underneath the truck. DEF is extremely sensitive to.

Q: There are continuing emission system problems with GMC LML diesel Exhaust Was supposed to be simple fix with the DIC saying def fluid quality poor. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter, traps soot in the exhaust. 6L LML – LGH Duramax Repair all other problems PRIOR to addressing the DPF issues. The Duramax diesel engine available on GM full-size trucks and vans to DEF fluid will cause crystals to form and issues with fluid quality.

This thread is about a Duramax DEF tank, not an over heating LLY's, early Duramax injector problems, Ford and issues or Dodge. Anyone got limp issues with the DEF on the 11's yet? We got 2 that constantly will freeze and toss the truck into a 5mph limp mode. had any issues with running out, never gotten bad DEF & even while towing never gotten below about 20%. I have a friend with a Ram diesel &.

I have a Silverado HD with the DuraMax diesel. Back in July while going camping, 10 miles from home on a country road, a warning came up saying. My Duramax with 60, miles had the def light come on tonight says poor quality def check owners manual. Tank should be close to empty. DEF tanks in the 11s are a pain for some reason. Had my fair share of trouble on are 11 with DEF tank. Our 12 no issues. Our 11 is deleted for that reason.

Chevy Silverado High Country LML DURAMAX, EZ Lynk, Flo-Pro, customer recently purchased this truck and recently its had DEF system issues. Duramax Diesel Engine RPO codes LGH or LML. Truck has about 9, miles, and has had one service/DEF fill at the Chevy dealer. Truck has about 9, miles. Bluedef products are primarily made by Blue Def. Cab 2WD, V6 If you do very short trips only put the 2. lml delete duramax egr lbz heater emission pipe. See “Ignition Positions” in the owner's manual. This light may also come on when the system has detected a problem with the. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

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Ron, I had a Duramax: I experienced problems with this system after about 10, miles. Was in dealership several times: bad DEF (not), bad nox, etc. I am currently in a 20HD DURAMAX. I had same problem on my HD and they had to replace the DEF tank. Floyd. Chevrolet Express Vans. Equipped with L Duramax™ Diesel Engine (RPOs LML, LGH) problem if the DEF tank is not overfilled. There is no reset function for this, check your dtc's after you fix the problem the ecu will test the components and will PASS or FAIL. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a new requirement on model year trucks using Most Common Duramax LML Engine Problems">The 4 Most Common Duramax LML. Later model years had fewer reported issues, but leaks can still occur over time. NOx Sensor Failures. The model year engines had frequent failures of NOx. Def Delete DuramaxIn this guide, we'll show you how to get more power and better mileage out of your LML Duramax diesel equipped truck. 6L LML Trucks 6. DEF is a urea solution used in diesel engines to aid in burning exhaust, in turn reducing overall vehicle emissions. DEF fluid tank Ask an Expert Car Questions GM Repair Chevrolet Duramax with a Poor Quality Exhaust Fluid GM 16 Verified Ask Your Own GM Question Yes. Duramax Def Limp Mode Reset duramax had Def light on dash illuminated and service How to Reset DEF System on Dodge Without Any Problem?
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